Ronald Cohen has served as the Chief Executive Officer of UCP Wheels for Humanity since 2007 and since that time he has been instrumental in the growth and diversity of the organization. Cohen is also the CEO of UCP Wheels’ parent organization, United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara Counties. He established the first community-based group homes for non-ambulatory children with behavioral disorders in the state of California, and is responsible for developing the wide continuum of services UCP provides today. Under his leadership, UCP has grown to be one of the largest not-for-profit organizations serving children and adults with developmental disabilities in California. He is highly regarded as an expert in the field and has testified numerous times before the United States Congress and the California Legislature.


Michael Allen has held leadership positions within UCP Wheels since 2005. During that time, he initiated innovative and sustainable systems to support people with disabilities throughout the developing world. Most recently, Michael led the launch of UCP Wheels’ Indonesia country office. There he led the creation of new community-based and infrastructure-development approaches to mobility provision. These approaches, complemented by empowerment and advocacy programs, have since been recognized as best practice program models and are being replicated world-wide. Michael’s leadership on this subject has recently prompted his election as Chair of an international working group initiated by World Health Organization and USAID supporting efforts for appropriate wheelchair service programs.

Senior Leadership

Board of Directors

  • Koorosh Zartoshty, Treasurer
  • Kathy Amooi
  • Susan Bittan
  • Daniel Scott Johnson, Secretary
  • Matthew Johnson, Chairman
  • Matt Adler
  • Lawrence A. Post
  • Jojo Rodpotong
  • Venus Nicolino, Ph.D.
  • Joey Parsi
  • David Rocklin
  • Ted Schwab
  • Peter William Shapiro
  • Julia Sevilla Somoza
  • Francine Weiner
  • Peter Zimble
  • Jory Tremblay
  • Laura San Giacomo
  • Marlon Schwarcz

Advisory Council

  • Tim Allen
  • Frank Drake
  • Beau Boeckmann
  • Holly Engelman
  • Robert Evans
  • Dee Dee Freney
  • Bill Garber
  • Wayne Hanson
  • Eve Hill
  • Robert H. Ludlow Jr.
  • Eva Ma
  • Ali MacGraw
  • Rita Morgan
  • Robert Morgan
  • David Morton
  • Jamie Noon
  • Kathy Stone
  • John White