Danar’s Story - a video profile

Danar was eight years old when he received his first wheelchair from UCP Wheels for Humanity. Now, a year later, he is “quite popular in the neighborhood” with lots of friends who he can visit and play with.

Danar’s story is one of thousands that UCP Wheels is a part of each year as we provide mobility to people in need. For the adults who benefit from our work, it can mean the dignity of being able to care for oneself. For children, mobility means hope and the opportunity to follow their dreams. For thousands of parents and caretakers, mobility is fresh start and a chance for their families to refocus on goals that were long ago set aside. And for communities throughout the developing world, increased mobility for people with disabilities means the opportunity to benefit from those individuals’ creativity, hard work, and participation.

Thank you for your support of UCP Wheels for Humanity.

And Happy Valentines Day!